Imperial Aesthetics Has Efficient And Professional Surgeon For Cleft Hand Surgery And Cleft Foot Surgery

Hand Surgery

There’s a clear genetic basis for typical cleft hands. Inheritance of Cleft Hand is autosomal dominant. This means if a parent has the condition, the child has a 50 percent chance of having it as well. Cleft hand can occur in isolation or as part of a Genetic Syndrome, such as cleft lip and palate or ectrodactyly (split hand-split foot malformation).

Foot Surgery 

Cleft foot develops during Fetal Development—when the bones of the foot are forming. The condition can sometimes be detected on a routine prenatal ultrasound. After the baby is born, the deformity is visible. Details of the diagnosis are usually confirmed through a physical exam and x-rays. Your child’s doctor will closely evaluate every Anatomic Structure of your child’s foot, determining what is present or absent, normal or abnormal. The doctor will carefully assess the specifics of the soft tissue of your child’s foot, including ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.

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